“early delving”

Certain perceptions, recurring imagery, or themes originate in childhood, then form an objective pattern later in life. Describe an early delving that was foundational to your creative practice.

I was fortunate enough to have a childhood filled with nature. Woods surrounded our backyard. The neighborhood kids would march off with my brother and I under evergreen trees and over brooks. A state forrest rustled just across the street. Gentle waves laced with seaweed were only an hour away. My imaginative play frequently coincided with the natural world.

A treasured childhood photograph of artist Cat Beaudoin and her older brother, Nick.

Even before I began including natural elements in my work, I always found exploring the great outdoors to be one of the most beneficial aspects of my existence. Whether it be a forest, desert, or seaside escape, the sublime of the natural world has a way of putting you in your place. It centers me, inspires me, disciplines me, and motivates me. Nature is undoubtedly part of my creative practice, as it is truly an extension of all I am.