Artist Bio

Catherine Beaudoin is a young artist currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Beaudoin received her bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and History from Washington & Jefferson College outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her curiosity led her to experiment with several mediums and visual art canons. While in Arizona, Beaudoin established her roots as an elementary art teacher and grew passionate for arts ability to address community needs. She began to integrate herself into various sectors of the art world: government, schools, non-profits, community happenings, and various cultural events. This experience gave her insight to the interconnectivity of the art world while illuminating the systems supporting select demographics.

Artist Cat Beaudoin working on an ecological art happening in White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire, USA.

Beaudoin is currently a graduate student at Lesley University studying Art, Community, and Education with a concentration in Multicultural Art Education. Her current research and projects include college access for student-parents and caregivers, equitable access to community arts programming, and ecological art education.

Catherine Beaudoin with
Catherine Beaudoin with “What a Drag”
Catherine Beaudoin’s 2015 Senior Show Installation at Washington & Jefferson College’s Olin Gallery.

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