“seeing the doubleness of work”

According to French cultural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss, things that matter happen along binary lines.

Do you agree with Levi-Strauss? Record the binary pairings in your work. Does duality clarify direction?

As I grow older, I do not believe in binaries. I see concepts in a circular fashion. Like a circuit, concepts exist in moments around a topic or theme. Sometimes, that circuit is more like a sphere, other times it’s like vapor.

I believe words can exist in a binary, but “things that matter” are in a space with far more dimensions.

Binary pairings in my work: birth/death, break/mend, build/destroy, random/rhythm, chaos/harmony, invisible/visible, honest/closed, public/private.

Plain and simple, I do not believe duality clarifies direction. For me, understanding concepts the way I previously described allows me to best understand direction. Progression exists the same way, though some concepts are more viscous than others.

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