Reading Responses (Week 7)

Selected Assignments

Bedwell: Measuring Joy

Deborah Bedwell articulates my exact fears concerning explaining how your work deserves funding. It’s a bit overwhelming to take concepts like personal and artistic expression and measure them. Nonetheless, Bedwell continues by sharing a “Joy Levels” assessment where program facilitators can observe behaviors of youth in the program and evaluate the frequency of such behaviors.

This article divulges the pathway to which their organization established this framework and who they needed to collaborate with in order to do so. A program planning and evaluation workshop supplemented the voices of those working with youth in the program by establishing a methodological evaluation in which to collect data.

In addition to incorporating these practices into my own community work, I will need to do further research about the “Theory-Based Logic Model Evaluation,” that The Kellogg Foundation uses to assess its programs, which Bedwell confirms is “if-then” based.

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