“becoming threshold without a map”

As we explore the idea of mapping, we must also turn our attention to moments that take us away from the map, when our creative process is unclear. According to Gunta Kaza, becoming threshold “is the process of finding and losing, seeing and not seeing, pulling, stretching, and reflecting.

How do you understand the state of becoming threshold?

How has your working process opened you, surprised you, refreshed you, or frightened you?

One night in Phoenix, I was hired to live paint at an open mic night for freestyle rappers in the city. I was so excited for the event, but I was anxious about set up and clean up. Upon unpacking my space, I realized I only had one paintbrush- a large angle brush I never used before.

How could an artist who strives for realism possibly create with one brush, let alone an angled bush?

This is one of my clearest recollections of “becoming threshold.” What became apparent was my need to rely on my instincts and trust my motion. I found myself riding rhythms across my canvas.

That night, I was painting for myself while in a public space. I have increasingly grown comfortable with this concept. My body, my mind, and the creation of my art all exist- nothing more, nothing less, but sheer existence.

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