“ambidextrous wordplay”

After writing subtle, minor words with my non-dominant hand and then bold, powerful words with my dominant hand, I was then instructed to pair the words I wrote.

Image includes words from prompt.
  1. Lost – Know
  2. Reservation – Determination
  3. Gentle – Strength

The next set of instructions asks for three project descriptions. The first project incorporating words from my subtle list only, the second, only using commanding words, and the third project should be a blend of the two.

Subtle Project Description:

A quiet moment of gentle solitude might be lonesome, but meditative practices can bring harmony and balance to a distant, muddled mind. A project where participants lay or sit quietly, experiencing the faint nuances of the natural world. After a brief period, participants will be asked to create a visual representation of their experience using a variety of found, natural objects. This project will explore the ways in which the natural world whispers inspiration, or if some participants feel lost in relation to their artistic process.

Commanding Project Description:

After observing the natural world through movement, do participants feel connected through their actions and the space they inhabit? Participants will be asked to visually represent knowledge gained during this process using found, natural objects. Does a period of action influence participants’ determination to connect with the space through gentle use of materials, or will certain activities correspond to the level of force justified during their artistic process?

Combined Project Description:

Does the way we move through a natural environment correspond with our use of natural materials? This project studies the responses of participants as they lay, walk, dance, and force their way through the natural world. Does their use of gentile restraint or determined action alter the way they express the space artistically? After a brief period of movement, participants will create a work of art using found materials. This research project examines if specific types of movement justify destroying found, natural objects, or if certain actions cause reservations in how they employ the natural world in personal expression.

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